Soil testing program by NEPGO’s first Innovation Hub.
Source: Govinda Neupane

We are happy to report about the great success of our first Innovation Hub’s project Soil testing program in Sunwal – 8, Asnaiya, to help to increase the yield of the local farmer’s crops. Padam Poudel, from Tribhuvan University Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, tested the soil of several farms in Sunwal, and a big number of farmers and local community attended the wonderfully successful event.

Some of NEPGO’s most important goals were reached here. We brought the local community together to attend the soil testing, and the cooperation between our innovation hub and the Tribhuvan University was a great success. We also gave the community an example of what can be achieved working together with the help of NEPGO, and how the opportunities are all around them to create growth and well-being.

The soil testing program is an excellent example of what NEPGO can achieve, and a lot more is to come. Our aim is to make projects like this, at a bigger scale in the area of each hub we create. We will also be conducting numerous other programs to help the communities in different impactful ways.

Here are some pictures received from the program. Credit goes to Mr. Govinda Neupane. Please click on the image to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.


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