Innovation Bootcamp

Turn your innovation into a profitable business.​ An intense 5 days business incubation workshop by Finnish experts at Pokhara, Nepal

Innovation Bootcamp Challenges

Take your time to understand the challenges and apply for it. You can apply for maximum of three challenges setting your priority.

State Government - Gandaki Province

Study the challenges for good governance. How modern technology can be implemented to control corruption. How to manage the system, planning and resources. What would be the other alternative ways for good governance?

Make a study about the needs for digitalization in schools and businesses in Nepal. How does the internet access and the signal quality affects the existing and future digital solutions ? 

Ynvisible Interactive Inc- Finland

Study agriculture in Nepal. How could low cost sensors or RFID tags help to increase production and food safety? Could universities in Nepal research IoT systems to help agriculture? Could start-up companies in Nepal build low cost IoT for agriculture?

Paschimanchal Campus - Pokhara

Study the appropriate collaboration model for Pashchimanchal Campus to connect with Industries, public and private sectors. How can we promote our local innovations to turn into the successful business and create more jobs.

KeepLoop Oy- Finland

To see microscopic details that cannot be seen by normal eyes is coming more and more important in many fields:Study markets in education, agriculture, health care, etc. from micro worlds’ point of view.  

Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal

Make a research for an appropriate technology to help with the rural tourism effective enough to work in all kind of situation such as geography, weather, resources and available facility

Our Host Partners

Our Innovation Bootcamp will be organized in association with our host partners from Nepal

Pashchimanchal Campus known as WRC is the first regional technical campus established on 1981 A.D. It is one of the four constituent campuses of Tribhuvan University

Nepal Engineer’s Association (NEA) is an independent nonprofit organization of Nepalese engineers, established in 1962, registered under social service act of government of Nepal .

Free Students Union WRC is elected student union working in Pashchimanchal campus. FSU promotes  student welfare programs and events.

Our Other Projects

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Nepal go association ry - finland

NEPGO is the project owned by Nepal Go Association ry ( NGA ry ) established under the Finnish law in Oulu – Finland on 2017. Our projects are conducted in Nepal. NEPGO’s fundamentals are sustainable social entrepreneurship. NEPGO promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and educational digitization.  We are working to help Finnish companies to explore more business opportunities in Nepal.  If you have any interesting projects we are eager to hear from you. Let’s work together to create a wonderful future.

Our Team

Know more about the team behind NEPGO.

We have a team of experts from Engineering, Science,  Education, Business and Heath  technology.  NEPGO’s all the activites are conducted under the direct supervison of NGA ry.  NGA ry has the project specific teams apart from the association’s board.

Our volunteers are the valuable members of our team. We have several students, teachers government personals and social workers who are helping and participating us to success our mission.


Get to know our wonderful partners.


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