Innovation bootcamp in Pokhara

Are you a change maker? Always thinking of new ways of doing things. Innovative? Coming up with altogether new solutions to everyday problems. Ambitious? Eager to challenge yourself and to grow as a person. Diligent? Ready to roll up your sleeves and work hard for five days to tackle real-life business problems.

Then, don’t drag your feet any longer! Register yourself to the Innovation Bootcamp by clicking the button “register to participate” in this page. We will announce the challenges provided by our partner industries and government agencies. You will apply for the challenges you are motivated to work on. On a successful application, you will be one of the 30 people that get a chance to cut your teeth on business innovation and design in our Bootcamp on November 24–28 in Pokhara.


The Innovation Bootcamp is an intense 5-day program on entrepreneurship, innovation, management, business design and planning. Aimed at business organizations on one hand and students on the other, it brings together existing and aspiring businesses and fresh entrepreneurial spirit in Nepal. 


The Innovation Bootcamp is ideal for anyone interested in enhancing Innovativeness and Commercializing business ideas into practicable business plans. Entrepreneurial engineers and business professionals in all fields are warmly welcome to participate.  

Contents in to be covered

The program of the Bootcamp runs from November 24 to 28 and can be found in the PROGRAM’S OUTLINE picture on right. Briefly, the program consists of lecture type of content organized around the innovation lifecycle and different “vantage points” of innovation, interspersed by reflection and practical exercises. During the program, the client organizations’ business challenges will be addressed through innovative ideas that are elaborated to practicable business models. The outcome of the Bootcamp is a description of this business model, summarized on a LEAN CANVAS, which is progressively worked on throughout the program. The program culminates in a pitch contest, wherein the innovation teams present their solution to the Expert Panel and other participants of the event. The best idea(s) will be duly awarded.

Interested in doing business in Nepal?

The Innovation Bootcamp attracts idea-rich and dedicated entrepreneurs and business professionals in Nepal. Should your company like to invest in or extend operations to Nepal, the Innovation Bootcamp is a great chance to take the first step. We are on the lookout for Jury Members for the business idea pitching competition as well as Mentors and Coaches. Please, contact Anu-Maria Laitinen or call at +358 503616722 for a conversation on these opportunities.

The Innovation Bootcamp is designed to envisage, enrich, evaluate and elaborate innovations that address sustainable development, the environment, or social issues. The Bootcamp transfers a wealth of contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge, proven best practices, business experience and insights on entrepreneurship, innovation, management, business design, and technology that are applied in the context of the participants’ concrete business ideas and/or start-ups.


The Bootcamp provides new, exalted and crucial perspectives on different stages of innovation process, collaborative yet competitive environment, peer feedback, coaching and support, and learning-by-applying experiences that are expected to increase the viability of the ventures and the chances of their very survival. The participants will prepare concrete plans relevant to their own business and learn essential skills of developing and running i.

 The Bootcamp will shed light on innovativeness as a personal-level phenomenon and also as an organisational issue. How to lead innovation? How to be more innovative? These will be the key questions. The course also aims at screening innovative ideas and sketching them into skilful business plans. This is done by finding the unfair advantage in the ideas, segmenting the potential customer groups and finally presenting the idea to venture capitalists in a proper manner.


The program will consist of lectures, exercises, group work and coaching sessions. Collaborative learning is valued, and all participants are empowered to exhibit their entrepreneurial spirit.




We have trainers who are highly skilled on this kind of program. Who have the long experience working with international organizations and in different countries. 



Dr. Janne J. Korhonen is an organization design consultant, digital strategist and advisor. He is passionate about helping organizations, teams, and individuals make visible the systems and structures that they inhabit, challenge and change the patterns that they perpetuate, and instill new ways of thinking and working. His experience spans 20+ years, small and large businesses, and a broad range of industries.



Ms. Anu-Maria Laitinen has acted on the mission of New Venture Creation and Coaching businesses since 2000. Her goal is to bring Business Thinking, especially Marketing Thinking into New Ventures. Ms. Laitinen holds a MSc in Economics and a MA in Linguistics. She has also studied Coaching and Technology.

Dr Raimo Korhonen


Dr. Raimo Korhonen is currently working with several start-up and growing companies in the area of optics, electronics and process measurements as a partner, member of the board, advisor and a shareholder. He actively participates in PrintoCent community that makes business development in the field of printed intelligence. Previously he worked at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd from 2008 to 2016 as a senior research scientist and heading research areas focusing in printed intelligence. In VTT, Korhonen was active in business development helping to create start-ups and he participated in sales getting customers in Finland, Europe, Asia and US. Before VTT he worked in some start-up companies and long time in Valmet Automation from 1983 to 1999 in development and in management positions in Finland and Canada. He has a master’s degree in electronics and software from Oulu University and Doctor of Technology degree from Tampere University.