Who can join us ?

Thinking about why do you join us?  what kind of benefits will you receive from us?


Educational institutions receive visiting expert lecturers as well as partnerships and cooperation with businesses, profit and non profit organizations and government agencies.


Companies, businesses or industries receive interns  students and experts to work in the project for them.

Government agencies

Government agencies receive from us added publicity to their programs, volunteers joining the programs, and transparency and effectiveness of each program done in cooperation with NEPGO.


Volunteer experts receive a professional profile with ratings and recommendations for increasing their reputation. As well as networks and opportunities to create business with companies.


Students find internships, volunteer jobs and projects to work in at companies, organizations and government agencies.


Organizations receive visibility, networks and training to empower themselves and to help manage the cooperation’s and partnerships in our system.

Connect with our innovation hubs to get benefits.

NEPGO is establishing the innovation hub near you. Please find the nearest hub and start working in the common projects with them.



NEPGO is establishing the innovation clubs in each school and these schools together will form the innovation hubs in the nearby place.

Inside the hub, we invite the local businesses, organisations, government agencies, experts and students, create a network between them and organise the common projects. 

Through these projects, we aim people to learn new technologies, discover new talents, excellent research and innovation. We help students to find internships, volunteer jobs and develop an entrepreneurial mindset seeing opportunities and vision to make a difference.


Let's start

There are 2 steps we can work together .


No matter whoever you are, share us what type of opportunity are you looking for or you want to provide in NEPGO Community Facebook Group."

2. Connect to Innovation HUB

We need more innovative people and entrepreneurs to help our country. So you can try to create the innovation hub in your city/ village and we will help you to do it. If you already know our existing Innovation hubs be connect with them and help them to create creative projects. You can meet our hub's members and directly connect with them or you can connect through our facebook group "Nepgo Community".

Our team

Mukti Paudel

Founder / Chairman

Software Engineer, UX/UI Designer, Front-End developer, Social Entrepreneur, Social & Educational Activist.

Samuel Kuosmanen

Co-founder/Vice chairman

Business development and management, International business, social selling, adventurer and heart follower.

Raimo Korhonen


Background in Electronics and Software, earlier, e.g. Senior Scientist and Chief Technology Officer. Currently, helping startups.

Juha Räty


Researcher / Lecturer / ubiHOME laboratory leader / pro video- and photographer / Solution specialist for startups and private persons.

Shiva Shah

Co-founder/Project Manager

Researcher, Biochemist, Structural enzymologist, Social worker, Currently doing PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine at University of Oulu, Finland.

Namita Khanal Paudel


Nurse, Social worker, Social Entrepreneur.

Our partners


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Contact us

Nepal: +977 9845340447
Finland: +358440477559
Email: mukti.paudel@nepgo.com

Nepal : +977 9845340447
Finland : +358440477559
Email: support@nepgo.com

Lumilinnantie 4,
90630 - Oulu
Ravibhawan - Kathmandu.

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