Our startup from Oulu, Palveluun is starting a charity project NEPGO in Nepal at the start of February  27.01.2017,    Oulu, Finland

NEPGO is for Nepal
Palveluun – an Oulu based startup is going to start a charity project Nepgo, which is aimed at enhancing the quality of Nepalese education, and enriching the schools with more resources and networks. Currently the schools, businesses, organizations and experts in Nepal all lack networks and resources thereby taking a heavy toll on human resources and contributing to brain drain. The students also lack connections to the working life. 500 000 Nepalese move abroad every year to find opportunities, but end up working in dangerous conditions performing low paid jobs.

NEPGO organizes charity work and connects schools together with businesses, communities, and experts
NEPGO is a tool for social entrepreneurship. We are creating a unique network that will connect schools especially in rural areas with expert volunteers, businesses and communities, and then organize volunteering work in the areas most in need.

NEPGO’s volunteering work, cooperation and connections will be organized and made visible through a mobile application and a website. All the stakeholders make a profile and posts their needs into our application, and our system automatically connects them to profiles fitting their needs.

You can follow the progress of NEPGO through posts with photos and videos every week starting in February on the NEPGO Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NEPGO-1804848166431134 

Leaving to Nepal on 27th of January
Our project leader Mukti Narayan Paudel and one of our project members Namita Khanal Paudel are leaving for Nepal on 27th of January to conduct this pilot project. We will start from Southern Nepal from the city of Sunwal and its surrounding villages. We will also expand our service to the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara.

We will have meetings with local heads of schools, government officials, community organizations, businesses and experts. We will establish hubs, that will create reports about the available resources, needs and possibilities in the areas nearby, and recruit the stakeholders to make a profile into our system.

We will then start conducting the local volunteering programs together with the local companies, schools, experts and other organizations in the rural areas, starting from the areas most in need.

Later we will expand our network country wide, and the volunteers can work anywhere in the country.

Started from and supported by Oulu Business Kitchen
Mukti Paudel and his business partner, Juha-Pekka Vehniäinen have gone through the Avanto Accelerator program organized by Oulu Business Kitchen supported by the University of applied sciences of Oulu, and Oulu University. Through Business Kitchen the business has expanded to a team of 11 people, including 7 from Nepal, all graduates of Finnish Universities of applied sciences and 2 members from Vietnam working on Palveluun.fi -a platform connecting service providers and consumers and the charity platform Nepgo. Business Kitchen itself is the perfect example of the cooperation between schools and the business community of Oulu that is needed in Nepal.

Seeking for contacts from interested parties and investors
Our start up is also looking for contacts from organizations, companies, investors and other parties interested in helping Nepal.


Mukti Narayan Paudel +977 9821925199
Sunwal -1, Nawalparasi

Juha-Pekka Vehniäinen +358 (0) 405297905
PL 8000, 90014 Oulun Yliopisto, Oulu



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