NEPGO’s second Innovation Hub established in Sunwal combining four schools.

Source : Mukti Narayan Paudel

We are proud to announce the opening of our second innovation hub Sunwal Innovation Hub on 30th of March 2017, in Mahakavi Devkota Secondary School- ANEX program, Sunwal – 1 Somnath, Nawalparasi, involving 4 schools – Mahakavi Devkota Secondary School, Janasewa Secondary School, Lumbini Secondary School, Somnath Lower Secondary School from Sunwal area. In total, the opening of our innovation hub affects 3597 students, many teachers and a vast number of people in the community.

The event was attended by representatives from all 4 hub organizer schools, representatives from other nearby schools, representatives from the municipality, District Livestock’s Development Office (DLSO), District Agriculture Development Office (DADO), District Chamber of Commerce, Village Development Committee as well as the local organizations and community.

Fisheries Development Officer from DADO Mr. Rim Saru Magar talked about NEPGO system as an opportunity for students to interact in a more practical way with farmers, and to receive the governmental services in a more transparent way. Further, he emphasized the NEPGO app as a means to collaborate with the information system of DADO.

The chairman of the parents’ union of Mahakavi Devkota School, Mr. Shree Bachatnath Yogi, said how NEPGO was introducing an ideology of community learning that was totally new in their context. He said that NEPGO is useful for all the schools, so it requires to be implemented by all the schools. We thank Mr. Shree Bachatnath Yogi for his words, and take encouragement from them to continue our work with added enthusiasm and energy.

NEPGO team wish to thank Mr. Baburam Pandey and his team from Mahakabhi Devkota SS and ANEX program for providing all the infrastructure and human resources to start, organise and operate the hub. Also, Mr. Chandrakanta Pathak from Janasewa SS for his tireless contributions in each step.

Here are some pictures received from the program. Credit goes to our CEO Mukti Narayan Paudel . Please click on the image to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.



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