Welcome to our new members

Dear follower, we here at Nepal Go Association Ry are excited to welcome you as our new member. NGAry is an association based in Oulu, Finland promoting innovative and digitalized education system in Nepal for the betterment of its citizen and the country. You could be a training institution, organizations or a person promoting innovation and trade between Finland and Nepal.


We are providing the following types of membership opportunities. If you have any questions regarding our membership plan kindly contact us by filling the form at our CONTACT page. Our chairman Mukti Paudel and our project manager Shiva Shah will handle your enquiry.   You can also shortly message us at our FaceBook page. 


The Board may approve a student over 15 years of age and are still studying, who wishes to support the activities of the association. The annual cost of student membership is 5 euro per student member. 



A person who wishes to promote the activities of an association. Which is the most common membership of NGAry. The annual cost of personal membership is 10 euro per person. 


Community Member

Innovation Communities, educational institutions and companies operating in other countries operating in the area of ​​activity of the association and pursuing business activities between Finland and Nepal as well as legal entities wishing to promote or support the activities of the association.


Honorary member

The board may promote it’s members to the honorary member depending on the activities of the personnels to promote association activities.
a meeting of the association may, upon the proposal of the board, invite a person or body who has contributed positively to the activities of the association.

Since, Honorary members of the NGA ry has more impact on NGA ry activities, their membership is based on voluntary basis i.e. they can pay as much they want from 10 to 100 euros per year per honorary member

Membership benefits

Despite of your membership type, You will be entitled to the following benefits