Study Microworlds

With KeepLoop Oy - Finland

To see microscopic details that cannot be seen by normal eyes is coming more and more important in many fields: education, agriculture, drinking water quality, health care, industrial quality control, etc.


At KeepLoop, our mission is to encourage investigations of microworlds. KeepLoop ( makes an add-on optics that is attached in front of the camera of a mobile phone or a tablet by a magnet. Then you can use your ordinary mobile device camera app to capture microscopic images and even videos and share these in social media. Like mobile phones with cameras have revolutionized photography now mobile phones with KeepLoop innovation can revolutionize microscopy. With ordinary microscopes you must get a sample to the lab. With KeepLoop mobile microscope you can study the objects where they are and send photos and videos to experts for analysis.

Here is an example of a very innovative approach to use mobile microscopes in art education. This is called Microscopic Art. The teacher of visual arts in a Finnish school is telling:
“The pupils are used to take ordinary mobile phone photos but with KeepLoop a new and inspiring world has opened up for them. Microscopic images have been taken of anything, like plants, stones, textiles, hair and even snowflakes. Some images are further processed by image processing software, but some images are already so beautiful, colourful and sharp that they are ready to be printed on photo paper.”

KeepLoop Oy is a Finnish start-up company commercializing lens technology developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. KeepLoop is looking for distributors and cooperation partners around the world.


Study markets in education, agriculture, health care, etc. from micro worlds’ point of view.  What type of needs to study microworlds exist? What is to importance/value to understand microworld better?  How this understanding can make people life easier?
What alternative solutions do exist for micro world studies? How KeepLoop with its high image quality, mobility and connectivity could meet the needs and differentiate from conventional solutions? Could there be business for Nepalese companies or start-ups?

KeepLoop video: