Sensors in Farming

With Ynvisible Interactive Inc- Finland

According to AgriLinks team ( agriculture in Nepal makes up one third of total GDP. However, the once highly regarded profession of farming has been losing its charm over the last few decades, and we haven’t been able to inspire a new generation to go into it. AgriLinks proposes several solutions to this problem and one is technology boost for farming in Nepal.


At Ynvisible, our mission is to provide a face to Internet-of-Things (IoT). Ynvisible ( ) makes low cost and low power printed electrochromic (EC) displays that can be used in sensor applications ( ). Moisture or PH sensors can be attached to EC displays to show the condition of the farming soil. EC displays can be combined with timers or temperature sensors used for tracking the integrity of temperature sensitive products from farms to final use. For detecting impacts during transportation EC displays can be activated by motion sensors. EC displays can also be printed directly on RFID or NFC tags to provide an additional layer of security and the ability to display or prompt messages.
AgriLinks states that almost every day in Nepal there is an abundance of seminars, meetings, and symposia being held in big five-star hotels on topics relating to food security, food sovereignty, or increasing production. How IoT could help in these issues?
Ynvisible is a start-up company having its’ offices in Portugal, Germany and Sweden and strong connection to VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Ynvisible provides the electrochromic Display Kit to show examples how EC displays work. Ynvisible also provides the Ink Kit that is intended for industrial and academic R&D groups, as well as professional designers, who are interested in learning how to make your own displays with a screen printer.


Study agriculture in Nepal. How could low cost sensors or RFID tags help to increase production and food safety? What benefits can sensor systems bring to agriculture? Could universities in Nepal research IoT systems to help agriculture? Could start-up companies in Nepal build low cost IoT for agriculture?