Want to know more about our innovation hubs?

we have established our five innovation hubs in Nawalparasi and Rupendehai district of Southwestern and Kathmandu district of Central Nepal. 

What is NEPGO ?

NEPGO is the project owned by Nepal Go Association ry established in Oulu- Finland on 2017. NEPGO’s fundamentals are sustainable social entrepreneurship. NEPGO has made an exclusive vision where the society is connected with the ICT. 

What we do ?

 We creating a unique network by forming the physical innovation hubs connecting together academia, businesses, organisations, government agencies, experts and students and organising the volunteer work.

How we do it ?

The volunteering activities are managed, facilitated and monitored through the NEPGO web and mobile application and a Facebook community we have created. Through the network, we aim people to learn new technologies, discover new talents, excellent research and innovation. We help students to find internships, volunteer jobs and develop an entrepreneurial mindset seeing opportunities and vision to make a difference.