Digitalizing Education and Business

With Mekiwi Oy- Oulu, Finland

Education is the system of both teaching and learning of some knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. It’s importance in growth is common to all countries may it be developed or underdeveloped countries.
Nepal has been working to uplift the educational standard by providing quality education to its citizens. But there are still many obstacles that we need to overcome.


MeKiwi is a full-stack digital agency based in Oulu, Finland, with a little branch in Spain.
We have a team of experts making gamified learning solutions and applications. In addition to common technology software, we also have a strong VR team. We develop Virtual Reality games and business solutions and offer VR game publishing. We have a strategic partnership with Oculus and are also experienced in HTC Viveport, Windows Mixed Reality, and Sony PlayStation VR and a Finnish VR technology provider Varjo’s development.


Make a study about the needs for digitalization in schools and businesses in Nepal. How does the internet access and the signal quality affects the existing and future digital solutions ? Which sector ( public /private ) would be most prominent on adoption of digital solutions.