Paschimanchal Campus to Innovation Center

With Paschimanchal Campus, WRC FSU Nepal and NEPGO - Finland

Engineering is taken as the most competitive education in Nepal. More than 15000 high school graduates appear the “IOE” entrance exam but only a few get the privilege to study. And only 8000 students per year graduate from 51 engineering colleges in Nepal. Despite coming through this competitive procedure, students are lacking more practical education to enhance the personal and professional development while making the social and economical impact. There is a need for Nepalese engineering institutions to discover a model to collaborate with industries, public and private sectors and it’s several aspects with the regular course studies.


Pashchimanchal Campus was established in 2038 BS as the first regional technical campus aimed at generating engineering technicians and overseers under the umbrella of Tribhuvan University. Free Students Union WRC is a committee of dynamic and energetic students, which is always supporting and organizing student welfare programs and events.  Likewise, NEPGO is the project owned by Nepal Go Association ry ( NGA ry ) established under the Finnish law in Finland. NEPGO’s fundamentals are sustainable social entrepreneurship. NEPGO promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and educational digitization. NEPGO aims to help Finnish companies to explore more business opportunities in Nepal.

Paschimanchal Campus, Free Students Union WRC and NEPGO collectively want to present this Connecting student the Opportunities Challenge for innovation training.

We want to stop the brain drain, create more innovators and entrepreneurs who are capable of seeing our social and national challenges as opportunities. We want to learn from the successful practises in the national and international level. We want to promote our local innovations and help them to develop their concept to a successful business and create more jobs. We want to create an environment for our teachers and students to be able to work with the national and international universities, students and research units. In short, we want to develop the campus also as an innovation center.


What kind of collaboration model would be appropriate for the Pashchimanchal Campus to connect with Industries, public and private sectors in Nepal? What kind of project structure should be established inside the campus? How can the Pashchimanchal Campus be an interesting destination for the international universities, teachers, students and researchers for collaborative projects?  How can the college approach different companies or organizations for different educational welfare programs and internships?